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One-on-One Mentoring

If you are a spiritual seeker who had a profound experience of inner peace and is wondering how that happened or trying to recreate that experience with little or no success.



You are an experienced meditator facing difficulty getting the full benefit and stuck at one level of mental absorption or on the brink of transcendence.


This one-on-one mentoring session will help you clear those obstacles to experience true happiness firsthand.

If you would like to explore more, send me an email with a brief description of your needs to


I will connect with you via Zoom or WhatsApp to guide you in overcoming your obstacles. These free mentoring sessions will help you enhance your practices to achieve the best results you are looking for.


If you want to support this effort, please visit the Support Us page!

Reading the recommended books before attending these mentoring sessions is encouraged but not a requirement.

මෙම සාකච්චා සිංහලෙන්ද පවත්වයි.
Email to


I'm always looking for volunteers and new ideas for sharing the experience of true happiness. Let's connect.

+1 (612) 516 3080

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