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Beyond Our Self-Image

The True Story of a Fictional Character

N. T. Hettigei

"Worldly satisfaction obscures true happiness."



“Are you thinking about how to live in the present? This book lets you experience the present.”

“Everything about this book is something the readers can relate to; that’s what makes it outstanding. I can also give my testimony as a reader that in the few days I spent reading this book and doing the practices, I felt myself getting a deeper revelation of my true self. This book could save a life. I sincerely appreciate the author’s ability to write such an amazing book.”

“This is not just a book that dishes out tips on how to be happy. It’s a journey, a process; it’s realistic. The author has written down steps to explore the deeper reality of ourselves, which would, in turn, bring out those beautiful images of who we are. Grab a copy to find out.”


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