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 Global Peace

The Ancient Path refers to a good way. It's morally good and beneficial to all human beings. The Path leads to freedom and inner peace—the promised land, awakening, liberation, or true happiness, promoted by all spiritual and religious teachings.

In many spiritual teachings, the ancient path is the direct path to transcending inner peace. It is the only path to the promised land, enlightenment, or liberation and brings true happiness to whoever follows it.

Once you experience true happiness, you will recognize that all religions, faiths, and spiritual teachings are your own!

Listed below are similarities between prominent spiritual teachings from an independent viewpoint. This list is for the use of open-minded seekers for religion-neutral research and must not be used as criticism or praise of any particular religion.

The Ancient Path in many spiritual teachings is the direct path for transcending inner peace. It is the only Path to promised land, enlightenment, or liberation and brings true happiness to whoever follows it. This Path is presented differently in many teachings to attract followers at the surface level; therefore, we see different religions, faiths, and sectors within such groups.

However, they are following the same Ancient Path at the deepest level!

When you unleash your identities, you clear away obstacles between you and true happiness, giving you constant inner peace.


Comparisons and views expressed here are sincerely made with the intention of global peace.  

(In Alphabetical Order)

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The Noble eight-fold path is known as the Buddha's ancient path which is one of the four noble truths in his teaching.

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“Stand by in the ways and see and ask for the ancient paths, where the good way is, and walk in it; and you will find rest for your souls.” (Jeremiah 6:16).

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One of the paths to Vimukthi is the Ashtanga Yoga, the step by step path to freedom (Vimukthi).


In Islam there is the straight path leads to the God. The first step of it is to always have tawakkul (faith in Allah (S) and His plan).


The path to promised land. Moses parts the Red Sea so that his people can cross on their journey to promised land.

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