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This Intention

"On a summer day in 1992, was established to make a difference in the world by resurfacing the core teaching of the ancient path. Since then, there have been plenty of inspirations from many parts of the world along this line. My intention became a reality rather than a bold ambition in this information age." 

 - Founder 

Vision: To enhance the suffering-free experience (True Happiness) in everyone's life, which will help eliminate petty differences in this world.


Mission: Offer insight into true happiness,  which is experiencing the bliss of being alive rather than satisfying your craving!


Goal:  The primary goal is to enhance every person's well-being by providing resources, especially food for their heart. In addition, this site aims to compile a catalog of common parallels of the most prominent religions to eliminate discrimination amongst followers of all ideals. The target is to eradicate friction among different groups of followers between religions, non-religion, and sectors within religions by improving an individual's understanding and experience of true happiness.

Activities: To achieve our goal, we work on two segments of activities:

              A. Enhancing personalities: Providing resources to actualize true happiness with personal experiences using recommended readings, videos, audio, conducting workshops, and one-on-one consultations.

              B. Eliminating discrimination: Promoting common goals in all divisions of social and religious groups to minimize the impact on global peace.

Expected Outcome: Consciously evolved to a peace-loving and happy civilization, free from:

 - clinging to any particular ideology


 - friction based on petty differences.


This website is sponsored by resources from supporters who wish to contribute to this effort of ensuring global peace. It can happen only by transforming an individual into a peace-loving person. Therefore we recommend Explore Within: A Journey to Inner Peace as the initial step toward this mammoth endures. If not, please refer to the other resources listed on this site that interests you to discover true happiness for yourself and then serve the world by sharing it with others. 

Parise for Explore Within:

"Explore Within by N T Hettigei is a self-discovery book with practices that will help you become the happy person you always wanted to be."

"The truth is that a lot of people have read books like this, and nothing has changed. I had the same idea when I came across this book. Then I realized that this is not just a book that dishes out tips on how to be happy. It's a journey, a process; it's realistic."

"Everything about this book is something the readers can relate to; that's what makes it outstanding. I can also give my testimony as a reader that in the few days I spent reading this book and doing the practices, I felt myself getting a deeper revelation of my true self. This book could save a life. I sincerely appreciate the author's ability to write such an amazing book."

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