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What is True Happiness?

Updated: Feb 28

True happiness means experiencing the bliss of being alive, free from physical and mental agitations. It is not the opposite of sadness or depression. It is your true self.

It is where we find our true selves, enabling us to respond to situations peacefully instead of emotionally reacting to them. You do this while experiencing the bliss of being alive!

The happiness we pursue by accumulating things or satisfying physical and mental stimuli does not last long since our thoughts, concepts, and expectations about them are fleeting. Many of us have been in these situations in our lives.

Instead, once we have the profound experience of true happiness, it gives us constant inner peace to live our lives blissfully.

True happiness is a phenomenon that we all seek, knowingly or unknowingly. In this quest, some settle with highly developed awareness through meditation yet suffer from subtler agitations and emotions, cannot experience true happiness, and still react to external and internal stimuli to some extent and live a somewhat peaceful life. 

Once you unleash your identities, you clear away obstacles between you and true happiness, giving you constant inner peace.

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