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The Cosmic Religion for Global Peace!

The cosmic religion is the root of every spiritual teaching revealed in this world.


Modern-day spiritual teachers like Eckhart Tolle, Rupert Spira, Sadhguru, and many others reveal that as the Direct Path to the enlightenment of freedom.


Scientists like Albert  Einstein, Nikola Tesla, and many others have seen this as a phenomenon ruling the cosmos. Philosophers like Socrates, Rene Descartes, and many others explore within and express this with their philosophy and famous quotes.


The core teachings of all religions promote the same direct path, which is called the ancient path.


The Ancient Path in many spiritual teachings is the Direct Path for transcending inner peace. It is the only path to heaven, promised land, enlightenment, or liberation, and brings true happiness to whoever follows it. This path is presented differently in many teachings to attract followers at the surface level; therefore, we see different spiritual teachings, religions, faiths, and sectors within such groups.

However, they all follow the same Ancient Path at the deepest level, leading to and revealing the cosmic reality, God's nature. I see all spiritual teachings promoting one cosmic reality, and they are branches or sectors of the Cosmic Religion.


Therefore, you do not have to fight to make your faith the only religion in the world. You are following the only religion in the world, the Cosmic Religion.  

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