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Bridge into the Woods

Ancient Path

Our Programs Promoting

Inner and Global Peace

Once you identify and dwelle in inner peace, you will see the relevance of the ancient path with clarity. All religions direct their followers toward inner peace using the ancient path at a deeper level. You will realize that you do not need to discriminate against any group of people or individuals. We all seek the same true happiness (Truth) and experience it in the universal reservoir of inner peace.

We have the following programs to promote inner and global peace and you are welcome to participate by supporting us. 


Enhancing inner peace experience


This program directly engages with people to help them experience true happiness. It includes Book Publishing, Workshops, Blogs, and  Video Channels.

Explore Within

Inner Peace Video Gallery




collaborating resources

This program collates ancient and present-day resources, revealing the ancient path to true happiness. 


- Teachers

- Organisations

Business Meeting
Old Globe


Global Engagement

This program is to facilitate the local and global presence of ancient path programs.


Supporting mentors

This program is to provide moral and financial support to Sages who are promoting inner peace at the grassroots level.

Putting On Roller Skates
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