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Ancient Path


A site for those who are interested and want to make this world a peaceful place to live!


The Ancient Path in many spiritual teachings is the direct path for transcending inner peace. It is the only path to promised land, enlightenment, or liberation and brings true happiness to whoever follows it. This Path is presented differently in many teachings to attract followers at the surface level; therefore, we see different religions, faiths, and sectors within such groups. However, they are following the same Ancient Path at a deeper level!

Our Vision

All of us are experiencing the bliss of being alive (True Happiness) to revive and sustain inner and global peace.



Our Mission is to enhance the suffering-free experience (True Happiness) in everyone's life (Inner Peace ), which will help eliminate petty differences in this world (Global Peace)

The first step towards global peace is enhancing our inner peace.

You can take that first step by practicing the techniques in one of these books and experiencing true happiness firsthand, which is the ancient path to inner and global peace.


Explore Within: A Journey to Inner Peace


Beyond Our Self-Image: The True Story of a Fictional Character


"Everything about this book is something the readers can relate to; that's what makes it outstanding. I can also give my testimony as a reader that in the few days, I spent reading this book and doing the practices, I felt myself getting a deeper revelation of my true self. This book could save a life. I sincerely appreciate the author's ability to write such an amazing book."

"The truth is that a lot of people have read books like this, and nothing has changed. I had the same idea when I came across this book. Then I realized that this is not just a book that dishes out tips on how to be happy. It's a journey, a process; it's realistic."


Support Global Peace & Other's Wellbeing

This is a great way to help each other!

If you like to support this mission, you can buy one of the books in bulk and give it as a gift to participants in your workplace, party, fundraising, or charitable event. They, too, will experience true happiness and enhance their attention to engage in all activities effectively.


Also, you can volunteer to support this mission by becoming a supporter.


The Sages nth Foundation (TaxID 93-2455139) sponsors this effort and welcomes your contribution through donations. 

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