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The Citadel of Meditation

The meditation is not a mental exercise; it is a condition free from thoughts, concepts, and beliefs. Once you clear all mental obstacles and pay attention to the silent, still nature in you, you are ready to experience true happiness. Then, you must pay attention to the condition you perceive as still and quiet. At this stage, this stillness is a condition that eventually shifts to a deeper level. As Einstein calls it, this is a jittery condition. Swami Vivekananda once said, “When the mind is stilled, the seer or real Self is revealed.”  It is your innermost changing nature, revealing effortlessly, free from perception or concept. All you need to do is to recognize and let this experience continue. You will feel that layer by layer, your notion of solidity–self, is ceasing from you. The notion of yourself will fade away, and eventually, you will transcend to non-self. This is my experience, and once you experience this firsthand, you know that there is nothing called birth and death in your innate awareness. Therefore, you live your life in meditative absorption, not just sitting on a cushion, but living your life experiencing the bliss of being alive–true happiness!

That is the citadel of meditation.

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